Terms & Conditions

Bookings and Payments

Bookings can be done by telephone or email.  Charters will only be confirmed once a deposit of 50% reflects in the bank account of Blade Charters.


Cancellation of the trip due to unsafe weather conditions prior to your trip, a 100% refund will be given. A shortened trip due to a sudden change in weather conditions, and or boat malfunction, a refund will be given based upon earlier return. This will be done at the discretion of the skipper. The skipper holds the right to cancel the trip at any time.


Should you cancel your booking, refunds will be given based upon the following notice periods.

  • 72 hours or more, 100% refund
  • 48-72 hours, 50% refund
  • 48 hours or less, no refund

Terms & Conditions

Follow the skipper and crew’s instructions at all times, without hesitation or argument. Failure to do so could result in injury and or the trip being cancelled, without any refund. Your safety on board the vessel is above all, our main concern.

You will also be required to read and sign the indemnity form before departure. There are obviously no guarantee on any fishing trips that fish will be caught, but our qualified skippers and crew will definitely make sure to try their best. Blade Charters does not take responsibility or liability and all passengers engages all trips at their own risk.Terms and Conditions are set out to inform all clients about general rules Blade Charters abide by. Booking other services please CLICK.

Other Information

We provide various adventures which different options. Ensure that you are aware of all necessary information regarding the Event. Blade Charters cannot be held liable if any rules on safety are not adhere to. Also when information untruthful, we as Blade Charters are also not liable. Please make sure that you do read the Terms and Conditions as well as the Indemnity Form before you engage on any Adventure. For more options in Hermanus please visit Tourism.