KAYAKING in Hermanus

KAYAK Tours from Hermanus New Harbour. Kids having their best 13th Birthday Party at Sea. Great Outdoor experience and adventure. Blade Charters offers various outdoor adventures and Kayaking in the Hermanus Marine Protected Area is one of them. Guided by an APA qualified Guide and a proud member of the APA (african paddling association).

Kayaking in Hermanus gives our clients memories. Come and enjoy the open waters with us on our Safe and Stable double seater Kayaks. Amazing views that can be enjoyed by everyone. Go visit our FACEBOOK page.

We go out twice a day and the duration is about 1hour 30 min. Hermanus is situated between beautiful mountains and a spectacular ocean, with the most diverse wildlife. Safety to our ocean and Customers are top on our list. Visit our GOOGLE Page. Book your next Adventure today and see what all the Great Reviews are about.

In South Africa we enjoy our Sea Adventures and especially in the Summer time. Cape Town has the most beautiful Beaches in the World. Blade Charters strive to bring the best quality Outdoor Adventure to all our customers in the form of Fishing Charters, Kayaking and Shooting Adventures.

New Harbour Outsourced Adventure Companies

 Visit Hermanus New Harbour and you will find many Adventures to choose from:

Blade Charters – Fishing,Kayaking, Shooting

Whale Watching

Padi Dive Courses

NSRI – Rescue Centre

THE Rock – Restaurant

The Gecko – Pub

Quayside Cabin – Restaurant

The above mentioned companies are rated as the best in Cape Town. Come visit the Hermanus New Harbour and see for yourself.  Tourism is the life of Hermanus and therefor these companies are there to make memories for you.