ICASA and Fishing Permits: 

Blade Charters have grown into a Professional Business, where we do a one stop Service to our Clients. How to get my VHF radio license in Hermanus? Yes we can assist. Come join our Academy to do your Digital Selective Calling VHF course. After which we will apply for your radio license on your vessel. SAMSA requires a yearly survey on your vessel and you will have to comply with all the needed regulations.

Do you need a VHF Course to Buy a new Digital Radio? Yes

Where can i do my Skipper and VHF Course in Hermanus? Answer is Blade Charters and Academy.

After you complete your international accredited Radio Course, we will apply for your Radio Passport Book. Then you can use this certificate to obtain your Vessel’s Call Sign and MMSI number. This is all done to provide more safety at SEA.

Is the VHF course difficult? Answer is NO

Blade Charters and Academy provides learning material beforehand so that you can prepare at your own pace and time.
The DSC VHF Radio Course is a 1 Day course and we will assist you in obtaining all the necessary knowledge.

Where to get my Fishing Permit in Hermanus? Answer is Blade Charters and Academy

We can apply for your Fishing Permit at our office and assist you while you wait. This includes all Fishing and Crayfish permits with all other regulated permits needed by DFFe.


Lets get you legal and safe to enjoy the Hermanus and South African Waters.

How old do i need to be to do my VHF Course? Answer is 16.

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To Book your Skippers and VHF Course with Blade Charters and Academy.

Click on the link to find all regulation from : SAMSA